ScanWise is the most comprehensive managed network vulnerability scanning service.

A single view for all your security governance, risk and compliance needs.

Prioritise your vulnerabilities based on risk score (CVSS)

Check your compliance and security posture

Discover the state of your business critical assets

Compatible with cloud services such as Amazon AWS

2 clicks for extensive reporting information

30 Day

Prioritise Vulnerabilities

ScanWise integrates multiple enterprise scanning engines, including our own propitiatory intelligence in order to give you unmatched vulnerability remediation advice. Crunches vulnerability data into a single dashboard in minutes.

  • Discover Vulnerabilities by Exploitability

    Organise vulnerabilities by criticality, or by exploitable status. View, understand and mitigate the exploits which are present in your infrastructure right now.

  • Critical, High, Medium or Low?

    Prioritise your work load and remediation programme. Our unique algorithm combines ratings from enterprise scanning engines and zero-day services so you know exactly where to start.

  • Prioritise on Host or Service Type

    Understand vulnerabilities from a host or service type. Insecure Oracle instance? Unmanaged Apache service? Understand the risk, and get the fix, in just 3 clicks.


The most powerful vulnerability reporting tool

The only vulnerability reporting tool to combine the power of multiple enterprise scanning engines in to a single tool.

  • Reduce Reporting White Noise

    ScanWise reduces the "white noise" often found in vulnerability scanners to give you a report with meaningful vulnerability and remediation data.

  • Intelligent Risk Meter

    Calculate and visulise the true risk to your key assets and infrastructure. Understand how you are trending, and how risk is reduced over time.

  • Asset Grouping

    Group assets by operating system, type or any other variable and create a custom dashboard for your team to review.

  • Unlimited Users

    Improve productivity by allowing all your team members access to ScanWise. Assign actions, and access to their customised dashboards.

  • Export Views

    Using a bug tracking system such as Jira? No problem. Export any host or vulnerability view as CSV (Excel) or as a PDF.

  • Round-The-Clock Alerts

    New critical vulnerability or 0-day discovered? ScanWise keeps you notified, straight to your mailbox.


Personalised Dashboards

The clean and simple dashboard displays the information most relevant to you. Understand your priorities and get to work reducing your risks right away.

  • Board-Level Information

    Our non-technical information and executive summaries keep your board informed on the latest risks to your critical business data.

  • Faster Than Spreadsheets

    Ditch the pages of spreadsheets and reports that your current scanner produces. All your risk, vulnerability and remediation information is now in one place.

  • Team Member and Custom Views

    Categorise your hosts in to groups and create dashboards for each, your teams can access and understand information that's relevant to them.

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Improve your security posture with ScanWise, and understand the time saving benefits in just 30 minutes.

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